LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Help could be on the way for America’s wild horse herds as Nevada Congresswoman, Dina Titus plans to set forth a plan to ban helicopters during wild horse roundups, as soon as Tuesday.

8NewsNow’s I-Team has reported on and reviewed countless videos of herds of wild mustangs, running in terror as the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contractors swoop out of the sky, stampeding the frightened animals across rough terrain.  Horrific injuries and deaths of horses are now the norm, they happen pretty much every time.

Hard-to-watch images like the one in the video attached from a recent operation at Nevada’s pancake complex have caused concern.   I-Team reporter Vanessa Murphy reported on the images seen in this video where a young horse is seen running for its life despite an obviously broken leg. That animal and others had to be put down— and your money pays for this.

Since 2011, the BLM has paid out over $36 million dollars to a handful of private contractors to carry about roundups in Nevada and other western states. It costs more than $500 dollars per horse to capture them.  Congresswoman Dina Titus saw the same video you just saw and decided enough was enough. Tuesday morning, she will introduce legislation to ban the use of helicopters in wild horse roundups.

“But the roundups with helicopters are the worst.  You saw the pictures from the most recent one at the Pancake area near Ely, where they chased that little colt till he just ran down and then they had to shoot him.  What purpose does that serve? So, we need to find another method, and the first thing we can do is get rid of, outlaw and band those helicopters,” says Representative Dina Titus. 

A century ago, there were more than 2 million wild horses in America. Today there are about 70,000, and more than half of them are in Nevada, and according to the BLM that’s still too many. 

The government agency has plans to gather more horses this year than ever before.   Representative Titus says she will introduce her bill Tuesday morning and she expects to garner bipartisan support.

Barring the use of helicopters would mean BLM would have to use methods that don’t create the same kind of stark terror among the mustangs. Titus says her slogan for this proposal is “Save a Horse, Hire a Cowboy.”