LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Tenants at The Apex Apartments say they knew something was wrong when they stopped receiving their mail.

As the I-Team found out, the apartment complex is operating without a license, according to Clark County.

“I’m missing a lot of packages that I’ve ordered and I have not gotten one of them,” said Tina Friend, a tenant at the apartment complex.

Friend says she’s lived at the apartments near Maryland Parkway and Twain Avenue for six years.

“It has gone downhill so much,” adds Friend.

The I-Team obtained a notice of violation to the Apex Apartments owner for operating an unlicensed apartment homes business. It is listed below.

It states, “failure or refusal to obtain a license immediately could lead to a citation and notice to appear in court. “

The notice is dated July 21.

As of Aug. 16, a county spokesman tells the I-Team there is still no license and the last one was terminated on May 13.

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service tells the I-Team, management claims to have no license to accept mail for their residents, which is preventing the mail carrier from delivering mail and packages to the apartment complex.

“So where is this money going? We don’t know where it’s going?” asked Melissa Brown, another tenant from Apex Apartments.

“That’s the type of information we should have. That’s the type of information we need,” added Monica Rayford, who also lives at Apex Apartments.

The I-Team dug into county records that reveal the property was sold in January.

After tracking down the ownership to a California address, the I-Team was told the landlord would not comment.

“This is just, it’s disgusting,” expressed Friend.

Tenants also point to repairs not getting done, trash on the property, and an inability to get answers about their homes.

“Until I move, I wanna make sure that the roof I do have is secure,” said Rayford.

A county spokesman tells the I-Team tenants at the Apex Apartments who have applied to The CARES Housing Assistance Program or (CHAP), that the current situation should have no effect on the application.

The business license investigation is ongoing.

For more on where tenants can pick up their mail, 8 News Now has included the post office location information below.

Customers can pick up their mail at the following Post Office:

  • Paradise Valley Post Office – 4975 University Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89119-9998

The office is open from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.