VIDEO DISCLAIMER: A warning to readers as the video posted above may be difficult for some to listen to.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The I-Team has obtained a 911 call that provides insight into the aftermath of a fraternity boxing match that ended tragically for 20-year-old UNLV student Nathan Valencia.

It’s a story the I-Team’s Vanessa Murphy first reported on one week ago.

Witnesses tell the I-Team there were no paramedics on standby at the fraternity boxing match.

The 911 call confirms the medical help that should have been at the event but wasn’t there.

Operator: Fire department. What is the address?
Caller: Hi, umm, what’s the address? What’s the address?

The call describes how chaotic a fraternity boxing match was when Valencia needed help.

The 20-year-old UNLV junior participated in the match for charity and collapsed after his fight.

Caller: We were hosting a fight night for a fraternity charity and something happened, we’re not sure what happened, there’s a fight that broke out and one of the fighters actually got injured.

The event was held by the Kappa Sigma fraternity, which is now suspended by UNLV.

Valencia’s parents say the referee wasn’t a professional and is seen drinking what appears to be alcohol in the video obtained by the I-Team.

The referee also frequently looks at the judge’s table.

The family also points to a lack of paramedics on standby.

Caller: We have nurses here, but we need like real medical.

The operator tells the caller to not move Valencia and to not give him food or water and there appears to be confusion regarding the instruction.

Operator: Just nothing for him to eat or drink.
Caller: They said get him water, like lots of water.
Operator: No, no, no, do not.
Caller: No water, no water.

The caller tells the operator eight people are in the ring with Valencia while the Sahara Event Center is evacuated.

Operator: Did he get hit with something or….?
Caller: He is the main event of the fight that happened, the last event. Honest, if we’re being honest, I was in VIP section and then a citizen fight kind of broke out but everyone … there but all of a sudden, he’s on the floor.

The I-Team has obtained the call log for the November 19 incident.

First responders arrive eight minutes later and Valencia is taken to the hospital by 10:01, which is 20 minutes after the 911 operator picked up the call.

Valencia passed away four days later from head injuries.

His parents were contacted by the I-Team before the publishing of this story.