I-Team: 19-time convicted felon gets life in prison

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Christopher “Gregory” Ganci was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.  This was one day after he escaped from police custody, stole a car, and led officers on a chase before he ran out of gas and was shot by officers, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  

At the rescheduled sentencing Thursday morning, Ganci admitted he was avoiding Judge Douglas E. Smith.

“At 18 years old, I walked in front off a judge and went to prison,” Ganci said.  Every day since then, I’ve walked in front of a judge, I went to prison. I don’t take it lightly.”  I know you. I know your reputation, and I’d rather take a bullet yesterday than come see you.”

The 52-year-old man is a 19-time convicted felon who has been to prison a total of 12 times.  His parole was revoked 10 times.  According to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, Ganci has four different warrants in four different states. 

“His history spans 30 years.  I was about 7 years old when he started his criminal career,” Chief Deputy District Attorney John Giordani said. “It spans five different states and multiple jurisdictions within those states.”

Defense attorney, Jess Matsuda, pointed to Ganci’s tough upbringing and addiction and asked for a more lenient sentence. 

 Judge Smith pointed to protecting the public.  

“Perhaps if it had been handled differently in the past, we wouldn’t be here today,” he said.

 The I-Team obtained surveillance video which showed how the crime Ganci was sentenced for Thursday unfolded. In April 2018, he and an accomplice held a man against his will at Boulder Station. 

 Ganci is likely to appeal Thursday’s decision.  He also has an upcoming trial scheduled. He’s accused of intimidating a witness.  Ganci will also likely face charges in connection with his attempted escape Wednesday.

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