Video by Scott Tappe, Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One person thinks he has a perfectly plausible explanation for those mysterious lights seen by so many hovering Thursday night (April 27) over the Las Vegas valley.

“I have been seeing these large, bright lights,” came an email from man who saw the story and video on the reddish orange lights on “I have been followed by them for a while. I suspect it’s federal or police drones.”

The man’s explanation for the lights, captured in video and first shared with by Bill, a southeast valley resident who asked that his last name not be used, is one of hundreds shared with us over the last 2-3 days.

Responses — the 8 News Now Facebook page had more than 750 comments on a post with a link to the story — detailing the night sky illuminations came from across the Las Vegas valley, Arizona and even Indiana. The explanations ranged from drones, secret military exercises, parachute flares and, of course, hints at visitors from beyond.

Some responses described the lights as suspended over the Strip. Others said they were farther north and west, even referencing Area 51. Like Bill, many said they saw the lights hovering around 9 p.m. and then — in an instant — they were gone.

A woman’s email said her husband began studying such hovering lights in 2004, when he first saw them in Phoenix, and since has filmed them many times. “These lights in Vegas look very similar.”

The glowing cluster stirred memories from reader, a man who in an email said the lights looked similar to ones he saw one night driving toward Needles, California, on Interstate 40. “I turned my head for a minute … when I looked back where I saw them, the lights disappeared.”

Video by P. Dill

One man, claiming to be a veteran, said he’s lived in the valley for 23 years and has seen the same lights many times. In his experience, they showed up southwest, as Interstate 15 cuts to the California state line. “They appear north and just to the west of Sheep Mountain … I have always assumed it was the military.”

One response claimed they were lights “just installed on my ex-mother-in-law’s broom.” (Perhaps a modern-day Wicked Witch of the West?)

One email from someone perhaps reacting to saw the story reminded us that a spacecraft belonging to a representative of the planet Futissa was shot down last week over a region in Ukraine.

A Nellis Air Force Base spokesperson Friday said no training was conducted over the valley the previous night. A Harry Reid International Airport spokesperson also was unaware of any activity that would produce strange illumination in the night sky.

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