LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With the nation dealing with yet another school shooting, Faith Lutheran Middle and High School is continuously wondering what more they can do to keep their students safe. 

The terrifying images that came out of Nashville are an unfortunate reminder of how frequent school shootings are. 

“A day does not go by where this does not cross my mind,” Steve Buuck, CEO of Faith Lutheran Middle & High School said. 

Buuck told 8 News Now he won’t compromise on safety. 

“I have a responsibility to protect these kids,” Buuck said.

There are armed guards around campus, and while the school could not share how many, they did say it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

“If we save one life, there is no amount of money we wouldn’t pay to do that,” Buuck said. 

Buuck also told 8 News Now they have national consultants come out every year to help increase security measures. 

The armed guards they have are former military and the school plans to add more. 

“They would put themselves between the kids and the bad guys very quickly,” Director of security Patt Sullivan said. 

Sullivan said all staff have a cell phone app called Crisis Go which would alert them when there is a drill or a real scenario. 

“We can communicate with each other to say the bad guy is in the north part of the campus so if you are on the south part of the campus that gives you an opportunity to evacuate,” Sullivan said. 

Sullivan explained to 8 News Now, the school has also invested in magnetic door stops so when the door needs to close it will shut and lock easily. 

The window on the doors also has pull-down shades so no one from the outside can look in. 

As the Nashville shooter was able to shoot through locked doors, Faith Lutheran is also looking at buying bulletproof glass doors.