LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now has continued to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and has shined a light on one local Mexican resident. 

He has made waves not because of his culture but because of his talent. He’s the only Latino with a solo performance in the newest show on the strip, and he’s living out his dream every night. 

“I feel so proud of my culture.” 

Jose Ponce said he is living his dream on this Las Vegas stage, performing 10 shows each week and hypnotizing the crowds with his skills. 

Behind all the clapping and cheering, he said, is a special appreciation that comes from the Latino community. 

“People that come from Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and they hear where I’m from many say ‘wow he’s from there. He’s working here and he is part of us’ and that makes me very proud,” said Ponce. 

Ponce came from a long line of Mexican circus performers where he says exposed him to the stage life.  

His true passion was the wheel of death, a 13 hundred pound piece of equipment that moves to his beat. 

“One of the most dangerous acts in the circus. You control the wheel with no engine inside to stop it if you fall off. If you fall the wheel keeps going.” 

Over time his skills grew as well as his exposure. He caught the attention of Cirque du Soleil and catapulting him to Las Vegas and into the company’s newest show “Mad Apple,” inside the New York New York which premiered in May. 

“My mind just exploded and i said wow. I was the first on the stage and doing the wheel of death. It’s been amazing.” 

Ponce said he hopes to inspire other latinos to take the stage and share their culture with the world. His next goal is to keep his family tradition and teach his newborn the skills and perform on stage together. 

You can check out “Mad Apple” by visiting the Cirque du Soleil website.