LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas couple has been left with nothing after floodwaters ruined their home, and they told 8 News Now they are on their own to fix it.

“It was very scary,” Christy Lawrence said. “Very, very scary.”

Lawrence walked 8 News Now through what was left of her home Wednesday evening.

“14 inches,” she said, describing the height of the water.”14 inches at the highest point.”

She said the water busted through her back door Saturday night during monsoon storms.

“As soon as the door opened and the water started pouring in,” she recalled. “And it kept rising.”

Lawrence said a nearby flood channel overflowed and tore her backyard wall apart, which allowed the water to go through her house.

“This is the bottom of the wall,” Lawrence said, referencing her uprooted block wall. “This is the footing; it was up there.”

Lawrence told 8 News Now she and her husband did what they could to let the flood wash out, but they’re still left with thousands of dollars of damage.

She added that her family’s insurance policy reportedly doesn’t have flood coverage, and Lawrence claimed she couldn’t get ahold of her local agent, so as of now, she said she and her husband are on their own for repairs.

“They said we don’t have flood insurance, so there’s nothing they can do for us,” Lawrence explained. “A lot of my paperwork is gone, it was underwater, so I don’t know if I have it or not to prove what we signed.”

This means the couple is forced to tear out damaged walls, and floors and replace destroyed furniture, starting from square one without any assistance.

“The people who should be helping me out,” Lawrence said. “They’re not.”

This, while Lawrence said they are also taking on this overwhelming financial and emotional burden.

“I feel like I lost everything,” Lawrence concluded.

Lawrence told 8 News Now she’s grateful everyone, including the couple’s animals, are still here and not hurt. They are staying with family until they figure out their next step.

Lawrence told 8 News Now she reached out to the Red Cross but was told her case didn’t qualify for assistance.

8 News Now reached out to a representative Wednesday, who said they were looking into the call and would get back regarding the situation.