LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many residents in the Las Vegas area may notice feral cats in their neighborhood and most likely see them as a nuisance. A south valley business owner has been dealing with stray cats surrounding his property saying they have taken over the parking lot of his business.

Brian Ichikawa owner of Italy Service, a car repair shop, told 8 News Now that the cats have become such a problem that there is a constant smell of cat urine.

“It’s like trying to keep up with roaches,” Ichikawa said. “I don’t hate cats, I just don’t want them here.”

The feral cats have not only caused issues outside his business but also for the luxury cars that are being repaired at Ichikawa’s shop. He said the cats find a way to crawl in and scratch the interior and exterior of the cars. 

“We have to keep the cars covered because they jump on cars or if we aren’t careful, they run into cars and get run over so we are stuck,” Ichikawa said. 

He also told 8 News Now he tested various ways to deter them however, people continue to feed them.

“We tried other things that make sound, but they don’t stay away we tell these people to stop feeding them,” Ichikawa said. “I feel bad for them, but you can’t run a business with cats everywhere.”

Not knowing what else to do Ichikawa started to trap them. He said local cat groups pick them up to neuter or spay them but then release the cats back to the same area. 

“We don’t get rid of them so there is no protection for us to get rid of cats,” Ichikawa said. 

8 News Now has reached out to the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County to see what options business owners like Ichikawa have. They told 8 News Now you are allowed to trap them and bring the cat to the animal shelter, but you are not allowed to trap and release them in another part of town. 

8 News Now reached out to Clark County Animal Control to see how they are handling the feral cat population and is still awaiting a response.