LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As temperatures heat up across Southern Nevada one couple was able to get the gift of a new air conditioning unit after going without for weeks, thanks to the help of Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada.

Annielsa Frame and her husband Mufid Khoury told 8 News Now their home was built in the 70s and their air conditioning unit was barely hanging on until it completely stopped working in June.

The couple said at times the temperature outside their home would reach up to 104 degrees, and inside the temperatures ranged in the mid-90s.

The couple added that the price for a new air conditioning system was going to cost more than $11,000, which was money they did not have.

“We were sweltering just sitting down, not doing anything,” Khoury said.

The couple was then referred to the organization called Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, which helps low-income families get home essentials.

This week, they helped install the new air conditioning system and the couple could not have been more grateful.

“We feel that it was gods gift to us,” Khoury said. “I don’t even know how we would have survived this summer I don’t believe we would have survived.”

Bob Cleveland the executive director of Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada was personally there to oversee the installation.

“I don’t get to see as many clients as I used to, but you walk into a house that is 95 degrees, it’s like how do you live like this?” he said. “This is part of our county funding and we are just very blessed to be able to help.”

Those in need of similar help can contact Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada, but applicants must qualify as low-income seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities who have owned their homes for at least one year.

Nationally, the organization rehabilitates nearly 10,000 homes each year with the support of corporate sponsors, community businesses, and volunteers.