LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local voters reacted to how the caucus played out in Iowa, expressing concern before they head to one of the many caucus locations here in the Valley on Feb. 22.

The Nevada Democratic Party will not be using the same app that supposedly had coding issues. 8 News Now spoke to a few voters who don’t think they were ready in Iowa.

“It is just such a setback for the Democrats. It just shows they were not prepared for the election,” said Las Vegas resident Julie Wishmeyer.

“I am a little worried about what is going for Nevada since I have lived here for 15 years from Chicago. Are we going to get a true representation,” questioned Summerlin resident David Karel.

UNLV Political Science Professor Ken Miller weighed in on the caucus issues. He said this does not give the candidates the momentum, they usually get from the Iowa Caucus. He also pointed out this gives Nevada Democrats time to learn from any problems.

Unlike Iowa, Nevada does have early voting for the caucus. It starts Feb. 15 and ends on the 18th.