LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The renovation of the Huntridge Theater is expected to be complete by late 2024, per an update provided by Dapper Companies.

After years of talk, the thought of the Huntridge Theater ever being renovated may seem like more of a pipe dream than a reality. However, since purchasing the property in 2021, Dapper Companies have made progress toward revitalizing the venue.

Per a presentation by the company at City Hall, construction is set to begin around September of 2023 and end a year later.

In July 2022, SoHo Playhouse signed a lease with the Huntridge Theater, making it its first location outside of New York City. In addition to the lease with SoHo Playhouse, Dapper Companies is planning on adding two new structures to the south side of the venue that will be connected to the main theatre via a new interior lobby.

It was also announced that beyond the lease with SoHo, 6 additional prospective tenants are being considered, including, but not limited to Las Vegas Brewing Company and Bad Beat Brewing.

Failed attempts to revive the historic venue have disrupted the renovation process before.

As it stands, the property has remained vacant since closing its doors in 2004.