LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – 8NewsNow and our Nexstar sister stations are teaming up to raise money to provide meals for 1 million people in need with our “Souper Bowl of Caring.”

You can do so by donating to Three Square Food Bank, which serves four counties here in southern Nevada.

Three Square Food Bank’s Kate Hibbard-Gaines says right now about 363,000 people in southern Nevada are food insecure, meaning one in six adults doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from, and that includes one in four children.

To put that into perspective, it is all of Henderson and Boulder City combined.

This number has significantly dropped from 440,000 individuals since the height of the pandemic, when there were dozens of emergency drive-thru distribution centers, it’s still not at pre-pandemic levels.

People are making tough decisions on whether or not to pay rent, medical expenses, or to put groceries on the table.

That’s where Three Square Food Bank comes into the picture. It makes sure families can have a little bit of relief with its collaborative charitable food network.

Donations made to Three Square Food Bank for the remainder of this month and especially through Nexstar’s Souper Bowl of Caring, will have an incredible affect. “We have a match happening right now through the end of the year,” Hibbard-Gaines said. “For every dollar you donate, it normally creates three meals, it can now create six meals which will have such a tremendous impact.”

You can also find other charities in the valley on the “tackle hunger map,” and it will count towards the Souper Bowl of Caring goal.

The local food bank on the Tackle Hunger Map is Three Square, located at 4190 N Pecos Rd.