LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The fact that one in four parents fought with their kids about money this past month comes as no surprise as credit card debt has hit a 20-year high.

60% of parents with children aged 18 and younger have let their kids borrow their cards to make purchases, and nearly half regret it.

That’s why 8 News Now is helping share ways to teach your kids good money habits.

With so few schools teaching financial literacy, it often falls on parents to teach kids about money, and there are an array of apps to help. They include Greenlight, Current, GoHenry, FamZoo, and BusyKid.

CEO Gregg Murset launched BusyKid, an app that helps kids learn how to work and earn and manage money, in 2020.

“I’m a certified financial planner, I have six kids,” he told 8 News Now. “You stick those things in a blender, and this is the kind of thing that you get.”

The app focuses on tech help with money, which is convenient for parents and kids, as piggy banks and envelopes have become a thing of the past.

“Gone are the days where you are like ‘Hey, I want you to mow the lawn, I’m going to give you $7, $8 cash in your pocket,’ Murset said. “That doesn’t happen anymore.”

With most of these financial help apps, the parent opens the account, adds funds from their bank securely, orders cards for their kids, and assigns chores and other ways to earn money.

The BusyKid app automatically splits up the money, placing 50% into savings and the remainder in spending and sharing.

Murset said this teaches your kids a balanced financial approach, and it paid off in his household.

“I’ve been trying to teach my kids for a long time, five of the six have almost all left the nest,” Murset said. “All five have had more than $10,000 saved up before they left the nest, I think that’s fantastic.”

Use daily opportunities to teach your kids: have them watch the dollar signs when you gas up your car and talk to them about how long it took you to earn that money. When you’re out to eat, have them help you calculate the tip and see how much it costs to go to a restaurant.