LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The start of the 2022 school year has inched closer. As children enjoyed what they have left of summer break, school essentials hit the shelves of stores at a higher cost.  

That means it will soon be time to prepare to send your kids back to school. But with inflation on the rise, there will be ways to save a buck.  

“People get really discombobulated when everything’s last minute,” said parent, Elias Salcedo.

He said he saves up for back-to-school shopping. 

“I buy everything in bulk. Their clothes and their school supplies and then their lunch materials,” Salcedo said.

Of course, not everyone can afford that. The national retail federation estimated that parents spend between five hundred to eight hundred and fifty dollars for school essentials–per child. 

Shauntele Hardin with Vegas Youth Ambassadors said supply drives are an option for families. 

“That helps young kids in our community who don’t have the resources or live beyond poverty lines to go back to school with confidence,” said Hardin.

Marquis Jamison said that he has friends that have struggled and know that feeling all too well.

“Really take advantage of all the resources around us.  Connect to people who are graduating from the same school or other people around you who might not be using their supplies anymore.  Thrift stores, hand-me-downs, just take advantage of that,” Jamison explained.

And if that doesn’t work, Michelle Balen, the Vegas Youth Ambassadors Treasurer had another suggestion.

“Going to their school’s council.  They usually have social workers or councils there that are in touch with local organizations that can help assist with school supplies,” Balen said.