LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– This story will save you money on Thanksgiving dinner.

The holiday is causing concern for Americans as grocery prices for the feast including turkey, eggs, butter and flour continue to soar.

Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch said you can lower that grocery bill by focusing on what your family enjoys most and skip the rest. She also suggested seeking less expensive substitutes.

“Maybe a swap using sweet potatoes, instead of regular, or there are even some different alternatives for sauces, instead of cranberries, create an apple chutney, pomegranate sauce, fun twist to save money,” Woroch said.

Woroch said to shop your pantry first for hidden ingredients that you could use, such as breadcrumbs, sauces, marinades, baking supplies, and spices or herbs.

For boxed, canned or frozen foods, try to opt for store brands to save 30% on your grocery bill, and avoid bakery sections, as they can have the highest mark-ups, some soaring to 300%.

You can avoid impulse purchases at the store by creating a list and even placing your orders online.

“Go to, they have deals like $20 off plus free delivery at, 15% off at Kroger plus free delivery, and a deal of $10 off at Instacart.”

Friends and family love contributing, so don’t take all the cooking or costs on yourself, and instead ask guests to bring a favorite side dish, dessert or beverage.