LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You see it every day. Sprinklers watering streets, gutters flowing with runoff and people who just can’t seem to get with the watering schedule if their life depended on it. What can you do about it?

Report it.

If the water cops don’t know about waste, they won’t be fighting it.

Here are the hotlines for each city:

HENDERSON: 702-267-5900 or report it online
LAS VEGAS/CLARK COUNTY: 702-822-8571 or report it online
NORTH LAS VEGAS: 702-633-1216 or report it online
BOULDER CITY: Report it online

If they had a choice, each city would prefer that you submit the report online. You’ll understand why if you decide to call instead — the wait can be very long.

If you’re interested in specifics about the water waste laws on the books around the valley, visit for links to the actual regulations. You’ll see that cities can make exceptions for schools and parks under some circumstances. Specifics on golf courses, car washing, fountains and hand-watering are detailed by each city.

We checked with cities in early May to see what kind of activity they are seeing in reports about water waste, and more than 50 complaints a day were coming in:

North Las Vegas: Five to 10 calls per day
Henderson: 28 calls per day on average
Las Vegas: 16 calls per day on average.

The video at the top of this story shows a damaged sprinkler near Desert Breeze Park on Durango Drive on May 19, 2022.