How to protect pets during Vegas’ extreme heat conditions

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As temperatures soar, keeping your pets safe during the valley’s heatwave is a very important thing to have on your checklist. For pets, a brief exposure to the heat can have life-threatening consequences.

“The Hydrant Club is an education facility. It’s where we help dogs understand their people. It’s where we help people understand their dogs,” said Cathy Brooks.

Brooks is the owner of the Hydrant Club, which is a canine social club located downtown.

“When it gets this hot, your pets should not be outside,” Brooks said.

It’s usually around this time of year that she tends to share this advice.

“People with heat tend to think more about ‘Oh, I don’t want my dog to burn its feet’ which is legitimate however it’s not just about the physical burning of feet,” said Brooks. “It’s also about the dog potentially going into cardiac arrest and literally dropping dead of a heart attack.”

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, there have been at least 99 hot weather-related animal deaths since last year.

“Think of it the same way you would for yourself. We’re outside having this conversation. If we weren’t having this conversation, we’d be in the air conditioning. We wouldn’t be standing outside by choice at this time,” Brooks said.

Brooks hopes she never has to learn of another death. That’s why she works daily to educate people about the dangers of the sun.

“Your dog doesn’t get to make the choice. So, we have to make the safe choices for them,” said Brooks.

Excessive drooling and panting is another way that you may be able to tell if your dog is struggling to keep its body temperature regulated.

Brooks says one of the biggest tips she can give is to know your dog and its habits.

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