LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As holiday shopping continues, cybercriminals are looking to take advantage.

While many shoppers will head in person to stores, supply chain issues and pandemic concerns will keep some gift-givers indoors, opting to shop online.

“While they’re doing their holiday shopping… cyber-criminals and thieves are out there trying to do the same thing,” says Metro Police Lieutenant Allen Larsen.

8 News Now’s Brian Loftus gives us some tips to stay cyber safe this Christmas:

  • Look out for digital gift card and phishing scams
  • Use password management apps and utilize your iPhone’s built in protection
    • Click on Settings
    • Go into passcodes
    • Select different tabs that will be able to show if passwords saved on the phone have been used in any data breaches
  • Check banking and credit accounts at least weekly in case of a breach
  • Use a credit card when making purchases

“When there’s a breach there, and that has your credit card information in there, or other things, it’s really easy for these cyber-criminals to be able to basically own you, and your bank accounts,” Lt. Larsen tells Loftus.

“If you use a debit card, you’re playing with your money. If you use a credit card, you’re playing with the bank’s money.”

If a person’s finances are accessed, the credit card company will freeze the account, issue a new card, and the burden will be on them, leaving the person safe.

Gaming systems – a popular Christmas gift – also invite cyber risks.

“Adult gaming is a lot more popular now, so there’s more and more parents who are playing these video games with their kids who are creating accounts, so make sure you’re not re-using passwords; make sure if you have a credit card linked to the account you don’t share it,” Lt. Larsen continues.

Shoppers are urged to watch out for too-good-to-be-true holiday deals and to practice good cyber hygiene.