LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Whether you’re married or dating, this Valentine’s Day is the time to express your love.

Long-distance couples want to make the best of this weekend ahead of Valentine’s Day on Monday, ultimately making precious memories even if they can’t be with each other physically.

Long-distance relationships are more popular than most people think — there are about 14 million long-distance couples in the U.S.

UNLV professor Jenny Farrell teaches a course about long distance relationships and communication strategies for romantic relationships.

According to Farrell, there can be a tendency in these relationships to overcompensate for the distance.

“I think that is where people go wrong, they try to text each other all day long, spend hours and hours on Facetime. That’s not a great strategy and you can’t keep that up,” Farrell said. “If you do that, you are missing out on one of the best benefits of being in a long-distance relationship, and that is your own autonomy.”

Long-distance relationships allow people to focus on themselves or their career when their partner is away. According to Farrell, when you finally get to see your partner, you have dedicated quality time.

However, Farrell told 8 News Now that when long-distance couples reunite permanently, they are twice as likely to break up. That is why strategies like positivity, assurances, and sharing tasks are important.

“We tend to romanticize each other and then aren’t really prepared for the reality that will happen when you do see each other all the time,” Farrell continued. “You really want to plan on this weird transitional period where you really got to get used to each other.”

Here are a few suggestions to make the weekend special for you and your long-distance sweetheart:

  • Plan a virtual cook together night and make your favorite dish while on a video call
  • Send a thoughtful gift
  • Have a movie date — there are apps that can help you share one screen and watch the movie while staying on a video call
  • Go old school, and write a love letter
  • Make a personalized care package
  • Plan a trip together — instead of visiting each other, meet somewhere in the middle