LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ransomware is being called the digital pandemic right now as hackers are finding new ways to disrupt networks, deny access to certain data, and then get paid before allowing the company to regain that access.

It is happening to consumers and businesses alike.

“There are attacks absolutely targeting consumers, trying to gain access to personal information and conduct ransomware attacks and charge money to gain access to photos and files, etc. On the other hand, places they work, businesses they support are also under attack, local hospitals, large meat suppliers, and as we saw… On the east coast, attacks that impact access to oil and gas, which hit consumers in their wallet,” Lyndon Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, Pondurance said.

Lyndon Brown represents Pondurance, a cybersecurity company that helps organizations keep its customers and employees secure from ransomware.

He says companies need 24-7 monitoring to prevent cyber attacks.

“Individuals need to be vigilant,” Brown said.

The most common cyber-attack comes in the form of an email disguised to look like it’s coming from someone you know.

Once you click on it, a malicious file can be downloaded or your passwords can be taken.

Brown says, “Don’t click on anything you don’t know is legitimate.”