LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When children go away to college it can be an adjustment for the parents who might find themselves with empty nest syndrome.

It’s common for parents to have conflicting feelings of happiness and anxiousness.

Clinical psychologist Renee Solomon said it’s important to stay in touch with your child but also give them space to adjust to college life and their new environment.

She suggests scheduling a time to call or Facetime when your child is free to talk and away from distractions. It’s also a great time for parents to take on a new hobby or catch up with friends and family.

“Something that is just for you, creating something new in your routine, especially around the time of day when you really connected with your child like for dinners. Maybe the first week try to go out or spend time with friends,” Solomon said.

She said it’s important for parents to remember they have worked for years to prepare their children for the college experience.