LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Holiday travel has already begun as the Labor Day weekend kicked off Friday, and experts recommend drivers check their cars as the heat can take a toll on them this time of year, sometimes even causing thousands of dollars in repair.

Oscar Rodriguez owns a local autobody repair shop and said a simple step anyone can do before they hit the road this Labor Day weekend.

“Always look under the car for leaks, keep an eye out for coolant,” he tells 8 News Now. “Make sure all your fluids in the engine, like the engine coolant for the radiator, and transmission fluid, make sure the hoses are not cracked.”

His shop near Desert Inn and Valley View tends to get swamped for repairs due to heat problems that he said are avoidable.

Last year about 500,000 roadside assistance requests were made during the Labor Day weekend across the country according to AAA and that number is only expected to go up.

“We’ve all seen those gas prices with record highs all summer long but gas prices are going down now which makes it easier for people to travel,” John Treanor AAA’s Nevada spokesman added. “Even with the prices, all summer people have been taking vacations.”

Rodriguez also added that checking on car tires can be essential and oftentimes overlooked. Bottom line he advises drivers to get their cars checked out prior to planning their next road trip.

“The biggest problem I have is people don’t do their regular service,” he added.

When it comes to cars in triple-digit temperatures, mechanics tell 8 News Now the battery, and brakes suffer the most.

Batteries can also expire more often, and the heat can actually cause rotors to warp in some cases.