LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Regional Flood Control District said our valley’s detention basins and washes worked the way they’re supposed to. As monsoon season continues, 8 News Now is taking a closer look at the system, and what could be ahead.  

Thursday night, mother nature’s fury caused havoc around the valley and now crews are left to clear the debris left behind. 

“After last night’s storm, the storm channels, the storm drains, and the detention basins did a great job moving the water from the west side of town to the east side safely,” said Michelle French of the Regional Flood Control District.  

She said the goal of the system is to keep the water away from the people and the properties. 

“The regional flood control district has 222 flood threat recognition systems to tell our staff and hydrologist how much water is raining in that location,” French continued. 

In the west, the Tropicana detention basin near Russell and Decatur was cleared after a busy flow overnight. The Regional Flood Control District tweeted that the water dept had risen to over 16 feet, but there was still lots of capacity left to store more water. 

Since the mid-1980s, about 680 miles of storm channels and over 100 detention basins have been built. Taxpayers have spent $2.16 billion and improved more than 60 miles of land removed from flood zones. 

“Every time it rains we are scared,” said Magnolia Magat, the owner of Truffles and Bacon Cafe near Eastern and Pebbles. 

She said flooding is a constant headache for them and hopes flood control crews can complete the 47 pending projects around the valley to ease her worries. 

“The roads right here get flooded but it doesn’t stay for long but it’s like a waterfall,” Magat continued. 

The flood district is asking for the public’s help during monsoon season. They are asking residents to report any debris or clogged storm drain or channel. You can report them on their website.