How the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our behaviors

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to make changes. But what changes in our behavior will stick around once we come out on the other side?

Psychologists say it takes on average 66 days to form a habit, and now, we’re more than six months into this pandemic. Consumer experts say it will forever impact many of our behaviors.

“We’ve become a nation of home cooks and do-it-yourselfers,” said Stacy Debroff, CEO and founder of “Influence Central.”

She works with brands on social media and marketing campaigns, conducting in-depth trend spotting and research. Her panel reached out to nearly 800 consumers in March, and again last week, to see what behaviors are here to stay.

“One thing is e-commerce. Groceries ordered online, curbside pickup with restaurants, contactless delivery, where people are much more comfortable asking others to leave things on the front door,” revealed Debroff.

In addition to all the cooking and baking going on inside homes, the do-it-yourself projects are skyrocketing.

Debroff says trends that were already afoot have started to accelerate.

“Live streaming has come to retail, where you are watching someone else live go in-depth shopping for a car or fashion items.”

But surprisingly, when it comes to fashion, Debroff says we’ve definitely moved into dressing more casual and a more casual approach to work.

“It’s been a joke of doing Zoom calls dressy on top, yoga pants or shorts on the bottom,” she noted.

Debroff adds workers have proved that they can get the job done while telecommuting:

“Many places, even in my own company, have been reticent with younger workers working from home, but people have proved it out.”

She says we’ve also moved into a cashless society, more comfortable using Venmo and credit cards.

A final note is that telemedicine is here to stay, as people are very comfortable being able to contact their doctors virtually.

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