LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now met with people in line for their COVID-19 test on Monday afternoon.

Brian Lane was one of many awaiting his test at the Centennial Hills YMCA.

He told 8 News Now his wait time had reached three hours but he said he had no other choice but to wait in line.

“I am in the hospitality industry, I have to get tested to go back to work. Maybe I should have brought a book to read?” he added.

The latest COVID surge is impacting more areas of the valley.

A Southern Nevada Health District representative tells 8 News Now they look at data from zip codes and factor in as to where they will put new testing sites.

Two new major sites are set to open once again at local resorts in the valley, the first, Texas Station, and the other, Fiesta Henderson.

“The raceway may be a good spot, now that football season is over you got Allegiant Stadium something along those lines where you can get more testers instead of one individual doing one testing,” Lane tells 8 News Now.

Clark County is now partnering with Curative Health mobile sites, appointments are needed for mobile locations, such as the southwest testing site at the Windmill Library parking lot located at Rainbow and Windmill.

A representative with Curative Health tells 8 News Now more sites similar to the Windmill location are expected to open soon.

A site in Sandy Valley will operate Tuesday, and Thursday, which is a 50-minute driver from downtown Las Vegas but had several openings still listed as of Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Lane says taking precautions might not only help people from getting the virus but also keep many from standing in testing site lines for hours.

“Everybody has got to do what they can to keep themselves safe,” he added.