LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Lake Mead continues to shrink amid our severe drought. Its latest measurements showed the water level to be about 1,048 feet.

That is the lowest the lake has ever been.

Despite that, it’s expected to be busy for Memorial Day weekend. Now that only one ramp is in use at Hemenway Harbor for the first time, boaters should be prepared.

“It’s like having one roller coaster, everyone waits in line for it,” said boater Stan Kojis.

Getting the boat in the water is usually the start to a fun weekend.

“It’s less crowded and this is the only ramp that’s open,” said Kojis, who decided it was best to get to the ramp on Thursday. “Come on Saturday or Friday, you’re going to be waiting for two, three, four, maybe five hours.”

Low water levels have forced the closure of all other ramps on Lake Mead.

Kelsea Larsen from the National Park Service said crews are continuing to work to move dirt to extend the last ramp.

“We do anticipate the access to Hemenway Harbor will remain stable this season,” Larsen said.

Boaters said they were concerned about the last ramp.

“It’s scary, we ran out of cement,” said boater Tom Talbott. “We came out here to beat the crowds, put it in the dock here.”

Boaters are encouraged to launch as early as possible. Kojis said he plans to leave the boat docked for days to avoid the lines again after the holiday.

“We’re going to take it out on Tuesday or Wednesday,” Kojis said.

While it’ll be busy at Lake Mead, officials want to remind boaters there will be three ramps in use at Lake Mohave as well.