How a movement permit can help keep your car from being towed while waiting for a DMV appointment

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Drama at the DMV: That’s what some people waiting for appointments might be feeling like they’re dealing with lately. Many viewers told 8 News Now they have to wait months for an appointment at the DMV, which is making it difficult for them to handle urgent deadlines for their cars.

One viewer said that although he has an appointment in March, his car was towed from his apartment complex because his registration was expired.

“I’m feeling really overwhelmed; my anxiety, a little anxious,” said Mike Moss, as he described what he has felt since his car was towed.

Moss moved to Nevada in October, but while he was waiting for his March DMV appointment to register his car he got a notice from his apartment complex stating that his car would be towed for a registration violation.

“Just on the way out — there was five cars right there in the front building with these types of stickers,” Moss said.

Moss says although he has shown proof of an appointment, the apartment complex is not being lenient.

“Where I’m living, I don’t feel like they understand that I’m not doing this on purpose. I’m not breaking your laws on purpose,” Moss said.

Like many other drivers waiting for a DMV appointment, Moss feels stuck on what to do next. 8 News Now reached out to the Nevada DMV for answers.

“We have a lot of online services that people may not be aware of, so our advice is to always go on the website first,” said Kevin Malone, a spokesperson with the Nevada DMV.

According to Malone, registration is in high demand. A renewal can be done online, at a DMV kiosk, or by mail.

But someone who’s like Moss, someone who just moved here, or someone who just bought a car from a private party — they will need to register their vehicle in person.

The DMV understands appointments fill up quickly, so they highly suggest getting a ‘movement permit’ in the meantime.

The permit lasts 60 days, but it has a maximum of 180 days.

“The intent is to give you some time to make an appointment,” Malone said.

Drivers can apply for a movement permit online or at a DMV location, and no appointment is necessary.

Another service in high demand is license renewal, which can also be done on the DMV’s website. The department has helped renew more than 50,000 licenses since the online program started in 2020.

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