LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On average hotel prices have largely rebounded from 2020 lows and are now on par with pre-pandemic rates.

But there are huge differences from city to city. Especially when comparing rates in vacation towns like ours, and those that rely heavily on business travelers.

In major vacation towns, Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, prices are back to where they were pre-pandemic, according to Willis Orlando, Scott’s Cheap Flights said.

Willis Orlando of Scott’s Cheap Flights tracks everything from airfare to hotel rates and rental car rates.

He says according to global hospitality data and analytics, hotels are less full across the country than they were in 2019. This leads to some markets offering cheaper rates.

You can get the best value in big cities that rely heavily on business travel, according to Orlando.

New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco prices are still very low. If you are planning a break, the lowest in San Francisco right now is 40% lower than it was in 2019.

Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle are also seeing hotel rates about 10% cheaper. Analysts expect this to be the trend going forward.

Prices in the vacation markets, like here in Las Vegas, will probably come back down a little bit but Orlando says it all really depends on the business traveler what happens in the other markets.