LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The coronavirus has changed all of our lives. With some of these changes, come stress, anxiety and the need for support. Local groups, including one formed by Lady Gaga, are coming together to provide access to mental health care.

A campaign “Hope Means Nevada” has launched and online campaign and it encourages each person to reach out to five friends or family members and use #ASK5 on social media.

“The number one cause of death from 13 to 18 is suicide and its not acceptable,” said Julie Murray, CEO Moonridge Group. “Great things are going to come from this collaboration.”

It’s estimated one in five teens, has tried to harm themselves, according to the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention.

“Our research tells us kindness, peer networks, and mental health resources matter, said Maya Smith, executive director of the Born this Way Foundation.

Some teen sisters joined the online video announcement Wednesday and discussed what they are experiencing.

“I think it’s so important because this is so common among all my friends. Teens today put so much pressure on themselves. Teens are all about self image and don’t realize how important it is to reach out together,” said Lauren and Carolina Edgeworth.

Organizers say they will be tracking the campaign’s impact throughout the year.

The goal is to have as many people as possible share #ASK5 on social media channels.