LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An explosion followed by a fire occurred at the Hoover Dam Tuesday morning. The fire was at an outdoor power transformer at the bottom of the dam next to the Arizona powerhouse.

The fire was quickly brought under control by a fire suppression system and on-site firefighters. No one was injured.

However, headlines of the explosion and fire tore around the world with a speed only today’s social media society could power. Some headlines were calm and collected statements of fact, others took a different approach. And on social media, there are no rules, so depending on what headline you read you might have thought the dam itself exploded.

These are just a few examples of publication headlines about the explosion and fire. As seen in these headlines, some were updated to include the fact the fire was out and no one was hurt.

One headline from Barstool Sports caught our attention. It proclaimed, “Not Good! It Appears There Was An Explosion At The Hoover Dam Today (UPDATE: Everything Is Fine!)” At least it was accurate.