Honoring Stan Lee: Fans flock to comic book stores across the Valley

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Merchandise flew off the shelves of MaximuM Comics Monday as fans flocked to comic book stores across the Valley to honor comic book icon, Stan Lee.

“Pretty much the statement is we view him in this industry as an icon; a religious icon if you will,” explained MaximuM Comics owner, Jay Bosworth, as he shared merchandise made in Lee’s honor.

“If anybody came in today they were wanting something Stan Lee,” said Bosworth of the busy store, which is normally quiet on a given Monday.

Some of the customers that visited MaximuM Comics included Shayne and Brett Stephens who are brothers. Both men are veterans who have known about Stan Lee and loved him since they were children.

“He was a big influence in my childhood, that was for sure,” stated Brett Stephens.

“There were more real stories if you will,” stated Shayne Stephens on what drew him into Lee’s comics as a child. “They’re science fiction and fantasy, but they had a real realness to them.”

Shayne joined the Navy when Brett was very young, so the pair didn’t get to bond over comic books as much as they’d like. But almost 50 years later, the brothers visit the comic book store quite often.  And on Monday night, they visited it together in honor of Stan Lee.

“Rest in peace, Stan,” Shayne said emotionally. “You made this old sailor very happy with your action, your stories, your prose; your style over the years.”

The Stephens brothers are just two of many Stan Lee fans who honored his legacy across the Las Vegas valley Monday. Minutes after the pair left the store more customers filled the aisles in preparation for a vigil to thank the man who leaves his mark on the comic book world.

“Comic books are the original American art form, after all,” shared one fan. “If it wasn’t for him it wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Many fans had memories of previously meeting Stan Lee in mind.

“It’s very rare that you get to meet someone that actively tries to do his best for his fans,” recalled another fan.

 “It was nice talking with the guy,” Shayne Stephens had shared earlier regarding the first time he met Lee. “Of course you get a little chill going on; this is the guy you’ve been reading for years.”

With candles in hand, the comic book fans said goodbye to the life of Stan Lee, but they also shared stories of his life that will last forever.

“To create something from the X-Men to The Avengers — it’s everything,” said Brett Stephens. “It’ll last forever. It should last forever.”

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