LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “Gritz Cafe is a community-based restaurant; we’ve been in business now for 14 years,” said Trina Jiles, the owner of Gritz Cafe. This explains that even during a time when the business, like other businesses, is doing what it can to stay afloat, “Gritz Cafe” says it will continue to “feed the community’s soul.”

“I believe that it’s important to make sure that we provide, since we’re being blessed with our loyal customer base, that we really do provide some assistance to youth organizations that are trying to make an impact on our youth and bring them up on a better light,” Jiles said.

Gritz Cafe is located near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Lake Mead Boulevard.

“We’re all about economic empowerment, so when I first originally opened Gritz Cafe, my idea was to have a cafe where people would come and do business, and they would feel like they were at home in their mother’s kitchen,” Jiles said

Despite closures and capacity reduction due to COVID-19, Jiles strives to bring loyal customers quality cuisine.

“Our number one seller is our chicken and waffles, so southern fried chicken and you can accompany with grits and our grits you can top anyway you like,” Jiles said.

From homestyle potatoes to chicken fried steak, catfish, and biscuits and gravy — diners can find everything that gives them that southern comfort at Gritz Cafe.

“Food, it can fix a lot of things when the food is good,” Jiles said.

Jiles’ overall message is for people to “Keep the faith; there are a lot of opportunities out there,” she said.

She encourages everyone to think outside the box, keep growing, and, most importantly, create more jobs and opportunities for the people in our community.

“I believe that all that I am, I owe to someone else who came before me,” Jiles said.