LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Little Caesars making news after an announcement to unveil a pizza worthy of a superhero.

The news by the pizza chain comes ahead of the release of a new Batman film set to hit theaters in March.

The new menu item is called the Batman Calzony, and is a mash-up of a pizza and a calzone in the shape of a bat.

The unique pizza treat is now available at Little Caesar’s locations nationwide.

Another unique pizza set to roll out at Pizza Hut locations is also heating things up. It is called the new Spicy Lover’s pizza, and is made with sliced red chilis and crushed red peppers.

(Credit: Pizza Hut)

Customers can get it with double pepperoni, Hawaiian chicken, or veggies.

The Spicy Lover’s pizza is only available for a limited time.

Both unique pizza styles are sure to help chase away those wintertime blues.