LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The holiday season is bringing light to a northwest valley neighborhood, and not just in a decorative sense.

Travis Jacks lives in Lusitano Ranch and installed lights to keep him and his family safe.

“We wanted to get some permanent lights on the house so that it would throw some light out here in the street when the kids are out playing,” explained Jacks.

“We are within county limits, so we don’t have streetlights like there would normally be in the city, and the builder to this neighborhood has coach lights on everyone’s house to make for a cozy feel, but when we have our kids out here playing, it’s still just a little bit too dark,” Jacks said.

Ben Cockrell with Jellyfish Lighting, the company that installed the lights said they have quickly come to realize that their lights serve more than just an aesthetic purpose and for that reason, he has seen more and more homeowners interested in their product.

“They wanted something that is bright enough so they can light up their home and their property and their kids can run back and forth and play safe,” Cockrell said.

As for price, the lights start at around $2,500 to install and go up from there. Definitely an expense, but a great feature to upgrade and secure your home.

The LED lights are computer operated. In fact, the swipe of an app can change its colors to one of 16 million different combinations. They also have motion sensors, a feature that can add security to one’s home.