Hoarding, Part 2? Toilet paper, bottled water flying off the shelves

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Shoppers at Target, 4155 S. Grand Canyon Dr., pause near a shelf that has been raided.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Shoppers around Las Vegas have started to notice bare shelves in the toilet paper aisle, and it’s leading to speculation that there might be another round of hoarding ahead.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic really took off in the spring, TP became a hot commodity, and shelves didn’t really return to normal until the middle of summer.

Bottled water is another product that has been flying off store shelves since COVID-19 cases began to grow again nationwide.

Products such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant and wipes followed, and people were traveling as far as Tonopah in search of basic supplies.

And with holiday baking season about to collide with the pandemic again, good luck finding flour, yeast, and anything else that might be critical to your Thanksgiving dinner.

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