Historic inauguration becomes teaching moment for LVHS educator

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The presidential inauguration became a teaching moment for educators in the Clark County School District. Instead of eighth period Spanish, some students at Las Vegas High School (LVHS) watched and discussed the event.

“I just like we were able to talk about it,” said sophomore Abigail Farnsworth. “It wasn’t controversial or argumentative at all.”

Students took their time understanding the significance of this day. It’s a topic some educators seem to avoid.

“All my classes today have not talked about it all,” shared sophomore Vernonie Newson. “Like, they just went on with classes like normal.”

But not Timothy Winland. The LVHS Spanish teacher wanted to embrace the moment with his class.

“As an educator, I have a moral obligation and a duty to keep my students informed and engaged and keep them relevant to the historical and important events in today’s society,” he said.

His presentation encouraged participation, from their viewpoints to reflecting on President Joe Biden’s speech about uniting America.

“That was actually my favorite part because not everyone might share the same views as him and opinions,” said sophomore Tanner Merback.

But the overall lesson Winland wanted to highlight is how his students, who cannot vote now, may make a difference in the future.

“You do not participate in this directly, but one day, you will get to participate in history,” he told his class.

Some students said the day motivates them to become active with politics and pay attention to what happens in the Biden Administration.

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