LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Checking gas prices has become a repetitive and frustrating part of everyday life. The cost of filling up keeps rising, but at least we can take comfort in knowing that there’s usually a station around when we really need it.

However, one place exists where that isn’t always the case.

Death Valley National Park is a part of the world built on extremes: the cool, tree-covered mountains, the barren, scalding hot valley floor, and solitary roads cutting through the desert dotted with travelers looking to feel the heat.

Nothing is more extreme than the temperature in Death Valley, and the park thermometer in Furnace Creek always captures the eye.

“You can say you’ve been to the hottest place, it definitely is indescribably hot,” said visitor Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler.

Temperatures aren’t the only extreme number visitors get to see — there’s also up to $9 gas.

Fuel is always expensive in Death Valley, but now, it’s rivaling the temperatures ahead of summer as the most shocking number worth seeing.

“To fill up, it would’ve cost $200. I only put $50,” said visitor Elliot Courcy.

Death Valley only has two stations. The Stovepipe Wells spot is owned by the Park Service, so it’s relatively cheap. When 8 News Now’s John Langeler went to visit, it was $7.16 per gallon. The station in Furnace Creek is privately owned, and more than a full dollar more.

“We just put in $10 because we’re scared of breaking down,” Semmens-Wheeler said.

Road trippers knew that just like the heat, the high cost of gas was to be expected.

“You knew that you were going to spend a lot of time driving, the expense was figured in,” said visitor Matthew Bugler.

Most travelers fill up in Pahrump before venturing into the Death Valley Park. Gas is far cheaper, and it’s about an hour away.