High school student turns her love for art into a community masterpiece

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A local high school student has taken her transformed her love for art into a unique, community project. Her metal masterpiece will make a stop at this year’s Burning Man festival before finding its final home at Tule Springs National Monument. 

18-year-old Tahoe Mack has worked on “The Monumental Mammoth” for three years. It first started as an idea for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project, now it’s morphed into an effort to preserve our community’s history.

“I definitely want to do art and create things forever,” Mack said as she picked up her welding torch. 

Each fused piece of metal Mack’s team creates fuses a fantastic bond. They’re creating a perfect, prehistoric treasure at the valley’s XL Steel. 

“I’m just here to learn,” Mack said. “I’m learning for their expertise.”

The iconic, 14 foot sculpture symbolizes Southern Nevada’s rich history while acting as an elegant mirror into our city’s future. 

“There’s this struggle in humanity,” Mack said of her effort to clean up trash in Tule Springs National Monument. “The trash and about losing the past.”

She hopes her effort will leave a lasting impact for many years to come. 

“All the things you do in life are going to leave an impact,” Mack said. “And hopefully it’s a good impact.”

She’s learned along the way, as her group transforms what was once trash into timeless treasure. 

“I went into this project with no experience,” Mack said of the process. “None at all, with welding or working with metal.”

Soon the masterpiece will make a stop at the 2019 Burning Man Festival, before heading to its final home in Tule Springs. 

“It’s awesome just to see people all coming together in the community to save what we have,” Mack said.

Here, Mack hopes her vision will encourage others to turn their passions into another kind of purpose. 

“Girls have power,” Mack said. “So go out and make a difference.”

Mack and her non-profit partner “Protectors of Tule Springs” are still accepting recycled metal to include in the sculpture’s design. They are also accepting monetary donations. CLICK HERE TO HELP

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