LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and there are some hot items to look into that can help kids with learning skills or encourage recycling.

Mom of three Amanda Mushro revealed her top choices to help parents who are scrambling to find toys to help their children be creative without breaking the bank.

“We have the creative holiday classics from Thames & Kosmos, a fun little kit, get all of these pieces and put together 4-D ornaments… putting those STEM skills to use,” Mushro said.

The stocking stuffers from Thames & Kosmos also have other shapes, so kids can use them as a night light when the holidays are over.

Bababoo and Friends wooden play figures and books can get parents reading with their children, helping introduce them to new themes and characters. Mushro added that the wooden toys do not make noise.

“When toys make noise, we get quiet and our kids get quiet, so if we have wooden toys, they are more chatty whether using first words or babbling, so I like that it helps start them with language,” she said.

The Plus-Plus Learn to Build set is a great STEM toy to help develop fine motor skills, focus and patience.

“Put together 3-D or 4-D creatures or rainbows, get super creative and make their own thing up,” Mushro said. “I like this idea for anyone traveling for the holidays… take them, put them in a bag, if you’re going to be flying or in the car, it gives them a nice quiet activity.”

You can consider Wild Republic’s plush animals for the teen or tween who loves stuffed toys, as they come with pop art graphics and messages about saving our planet.

“What I love about these, is they are made out of completely recycled plastic water bottles,” she added.

Other popular toys this year include the Trefl Wooden Craft Puzzle and the Mobo Triton Pro recumbent adult tricycle.