LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new idea is beginning to take seed in Henderson. It’s a city park but with a twist. Its name, Pumpkin Park is more than just the street it sits on. There are even pumpkins growing inside. 

“It loves this area like we do,” said Wendy Wilson of the gourds growing along the trellis. She’s the General Manager of Garden Farms of Nevada. A stroll through the park is a feast for the senses. “From nothing. I mean it was just a field,” she explained. 

It’s a partnership between the City of Henderson and Garden Farms of Nevada and has blossomed into two acres as diverse as the area it serves. 

Wilson has been gardening most of her life. Now she’s focused on cultivating interest here in the community. “There’s just like this thing that happens to you when you put the seed in the soil and just wait and when it pops up, you’re just like, oh my gosh, I created this.”

Gourds, brussels sprouts, peas, melons, carrots, peas, onions. You name it. It’s all planted, cultivated and given back.

“It will be sold mostly, hopefully here on site with farmers markets that they will have,” said Bryan Vellinga. He’s the owner and operator of Garden Farms of Nevada. His company not only operates this new garden for the city but is also focused on teaching people to grow their own food at home, one plot at a time. 

“We help people because when people connect with their food, with the soil, it’s therapeutic to them,” he said.

That’s why Pumpkin Park is also a neighborhood garden. 

“A community garden is one thing, but to make this a city park, that’s kind of a first of its kind,” Vellinga said.

On the foster garden side, green thumbs and novices are all welcome.  Vellinga said, “They get to harvest the food from it. They get to plant the plants in it, under the direction and management that we help them with.” He added,  “We hope it’ll be a model for other cities.”

The City of Henderson handles the bed rentals. The foster garden is already full this season, but if you’re interested in the program, the sign-up and fees can be found at this link.