LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Many parents think swim lessons are all a child could ever need to save themselves in the water. Infant Swimming Recourse, also known as ISR, is one of those lessons.

Instructor Jessica Tuck said this is a crucial step that needs to be taken first. 

“We want them to learn how to safely enter and exit the pool. We aren’t going to teach them how to blow bubbles. We will teach them how to hold their breath,” said Tuck. 

Her students are as young as six months old. 

“Any kiddo that can crawl can reach the water unattended. They are curious. They are competent,” said Tuck. 

Tucker teaches children how to save themselves with breathing exercises and instant reflexes like rolling onto your back to float. 

Las Vegas mom Cierra Mendoza said these are life-saving maneuvers she wished she would have known about. It may have saved her son’s life. He fell into a home pool during a family gathering.

“By the time we were ready to leave, he was nowhere to be found,” Mendoza said.

An adult had taken her 17-month-old son Austin by the backyard pool, but the adult got distracted and Austin stepped onto the pool cover and fell in.

“So when we went to go look for him the pool cover essentially looked like it had been untouched,” Mendoza said. “They found him probably about 4 feet in the water just lifeless.”

Austin survived but had severe neurological damage and at only 10 years old he passed away. 

“They go in and they have no idea how to save themselves so they take a breath and immediately they aspirate and their bodies shut down,” Mendoza said. 

Mendoza said it was hard for her to go near a pool again but eventually she learned about ISR. She put her youngest through the program and she is now getting certified to help other families.

Mendoza has one more week to finish before her certification and on May 16 she will be conducting her first lesson, the day that marks eight years since Austin’s death. 

Each lesson is 10 minutes long and is daily — Monday to Friday — for six weeks. If you are interested in finding an ISR instructor in your area visit this link.