LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Staffing issues just aren’t getting any better for some small business owners in the valley.

And the issues have been going on long enough — now some places are forced to close their doors.

The owner of Mi Peru, a restaurant near Stephanie Street and Horizon Ridge, said after months of struggle he needs to close. He and other business owners say they never thought finding staff would be this hard still.

“The last six months have been really tough,” said Raymi Mosca. “After 14 years we decide to close.”

It’s a decision no restaurant owner wants to make, but Mosca said he can’t find enough staff to keep the doors open at Mi Peru.

“Right now it is hard. We did our best. We did our best effort,” he said. “Very challenging trying to hire people for a small business right now.”

Mosca said other companies are paying higher wages and offering benefits — something he can’t compete with.

Victoria Martinez owns Sunset Montessori School.

“Just finding staff was very, very hard,” she said.

She is also having a hard time.

Victoria Martinez, owner of Sunset Montessori School. (8NewsNow)

“Maybe people saved money and are not ready to go back to work,” Martinez said. “Others are having a change of heart, like, ‘I have done this my whole life … maybe I will do something different.’ “

UNLV Economics Professor Stephen Miller said it is a changing economy.

“I think we are seeing restructuring in the labor market,” Miller said.

Miller said smaller businesses are not able to keep up with what some other businesses are offering.

“It is not a problem if you have the necessary profit margin that allows you to provide a few more benefits or a higher wage, that is what is happening,” he said.

Mosca said he hopes to reopen one day.

Meanwhile his customers were saddened to hear the news.

“Pretty sad to see local businesses struggling through the pandemic,” said Brad Rogers, who was at Mi Peru today. “We will enjoy this last meal.”

Mosca said he’ll be open a few more weeks if possible. He plans to close for good right before Christmas.