LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Henderson police released officer bodycam footage nearly two months after a 53-year-old man died following his arrest.

On May 10, the Clark County Coroner’s Office ruled Ronald Winborne’s death a homicide due to the use of force during his arrest.

According to the City of Henderson, the incident began on March 21, when officers responded to the area of Greenway Road and Horizon Drive after reports of a knife-wielding man threatening moving vehicles.

Officers stated that Winborne pointed the knife at them before they tased him which resulted in his arrest. He died six days after he was taken into custody at Sunrise Hospital.

In the bodycam video released on Wednesday, officers can be seen chasing Winborne as they commanded him to get on the ground and drop what is identified as a butter knife.

First responders then provided him with medical treatment after he was tased.

Winborne was later taken to the Henderson Detention Center and booked on several charges, including Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Public Officer, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Resisting a Police Officer, and Resisting Public Officer with a Deadly Weapon.

Winborne was medically evaluated at a hospital and then returned to the detention center, police stated in a release.

On March 27th, while in custody, Winborne’s health began to decline, and it was
determined by medical staff that he would be taken to Sunrise Hospital for
continued evaluation.

However, later that day, Winborne died while at the hospital.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the death of Winborne, Henderson police
opened an investigation.