LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Henderson Police Department’s newest police chief Hollie Chadwick was sworn in on Tuesday.

She was surrounded by members of the Henderson Police Department, many of who have been working alongside her for 21 years.

“Some of you were with me at the academy graduation and now you are here with me today,” Chief Chadwick said.

She is no stranger to the turbulence the department has faced in recent years as two of their police chiefs left abruptly.

The new chief did not go into much detail about what led her to take on the new role but made sure to thank her supporters.

“You know I will get this done the right way,” Chief Chadwick expressed. “I’m so grateful for our community every day when we come to work that is our soul force to protect and serve our community.”

Back in November, two police unions voted “no confidence” in the previous police chief, Thedrick Andres who retired in February.

Lt. Chris Aguiar is the president of The Henderson Police Supervisors Association.

He is looking forward to seeing the new chief in action.

“She is a big proponent of communication between everyone so everyone knows where they are at,” Lt. Aguiar said. “She has got a lot of experience in multiple areas throughout the department.”’s Victoria Saha asked “Why it was so important to get someone internally this time versus someone out of Henderson?

“I think the big thing is they understand the culture of Henderson, The Henderson Police Department, and The City of Henderson and they know what it’s like to have a family here in Henderson they are committed to the community,” Lt. Aguiar responded.

He also added that when he was a sergeant, Chief Chadwick was his captain so he knows what kind of leader she is.

“We had an officer injured, in the middle of the night 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. she wants that phone call, she wants to know what’s going on, she wants to make sure we are taking care of the officers,” Lt. Aguiar added.

“You are very confident those qualities will follow her to the chief’s chair, Saha asked.

“Absolutely and I think the good thing about that is she will lay out those expectations for the people that work below her as deputy chiefs or captains I think she would expect the same thing from them,” he said.

This is the third chief for the Henderson Police Department since 2017. Before Thedrick Andres, Latesha Watson was in charge but she was let go in 2019. There are still legal proceedings between The City of Henderson and Watson.