LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Disputes continue for the Henderson Police Department as Police Chief Thedrick Andres spoke out for the first time since two unions voted “no confidence” in him. 

Henderson is a city that is touted for being one of the safest in the country, but now there is turmoil within a police department that is supposed to be keeping the city safe. 

“It doesn’t occur simply who is the chief of police we have gotten through five or six in my career,” Lt. Chris Aguiar, a member of the Henderson Police Supervisors Association, said.

HPSA and Henderson Police Officer’s Association are the two unions taking part in the vote. 

“You have a vote of no confidence in you no one wants that, but my confidence remains high with the great work we are doing,” Andres said.  

In a letter sent by both unions, it points out several issues such as a new use of force policy implemented. The unions said there was no training or communication from the chief. 

“We want to keep our officers safe and have a policy that makes it clear that there is no confusion,” Aguiar said. 

However, Andres thinks otherwise. 

“I think a lot of confusion is being put in place intentionally,” Andres said. “I want to make it clear we would not put a policy out that we did not train on.”

The letter also called Andres an “outsider” who is trying to “fix what’s not broken,” when referring to the new use of force policy. 

“I think it is because you have a group of leaders who don’t want anyone from the outside, what they want is policies of the past that don’t hold them accountable,” Andres said. 

“When you think about it I have been here for four years and nine months and I have successfully led this department,” Andres said. 

But the unions said they just want to be heard.

“It is not that we have to be right on everything, we just want a seat at the table and honest communication want to have input not just meeting with us just to check a box that you met with us,” Aguiar said. 

When talking about this new use of force policy Andres said training should start for officers in January. It is meant to have more critical thinking from officers and try to de-escalate a situation first whenever they can.