LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A study found two Las Vegas valley cities are among America’s top 100 safest cities for 2023.

In a study by finance website WalletHub, researchers found Henderson ranked 35th on the list of 182 cities. North Las Vegas ranked 66th on the list. The valley’s far-north neighbor, Reno, placed just outside the top 100 at 106. Las Vegas placed 155th.

Each city in the list was ranked in three categories: home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety. Henderson came in 13th in community safety, 95th in natural disaster risk, and 151st in financial safety. North Las Vegas ranked 24th in community safety, 99th in natural disaster risk, and 179th in financial safety. Las Vegas came in 150th in community safety, 96th in natural disaster risk, and 170th in financial safety.

Additionally, Henderson ranked second in the list of fewest traffic fatalities per capita, just below Oxnard, CA.

Source: WalletHub

The top 10 safety cities in America, according to WalletHub’s study, are:

  1. Nashua, NH
  2. Columbia, MD
  3. South Burlington, VT
  4. Gilbert, AZ
  5. Warwick, RI
  6. Portland, ME
  7. Casper, WY
  8. Yonkers, NY
  9. Burlington, VT
  10. Scottsdale, AZ

The bottom 10 include:

173. Washington, DC
174. Los Angeles, CA
175. Oklahoma City, OK
176. Memphis, TN
177. Oakland, CA
178. Detroit, MI
179. Baton Rouge, LA
180. San Bernardino, CA
181. Fort Lauderdale, FL
182. St. Louis, MO

According to Wallet Hub, researchers used 41 metrics to determine each city’s score and weighting the determined average to calculate each score. The website included the metrics and their weights in the study.