LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It is every family’s nightmare to have their home burglarized when on vacation. That nightmare became reality for one Henderson family who received several notifications from their Ring camera that there was movement inside their home while on vacation.

“I had like 12 notifications from that camera and I started freaking out,” Nicholas Hyatt said.

Nicholas and his wife Jenner thought they secured their home before leaving for their trip.

“In my mind, if I was able to lock that little window, he would not have been able to get inside,” Jennifer said.

However, the Hyatts said on Saturday night, the burglar jumped their locked gate and climbed through their small kitchen window.

“The feeling of powerlessness like all you could do is literally sit there and watch them take your stuff it’s horrible,” Nicholas said.

The Hyatts said the burglar was in their house for over an hour, going from room to room and when they realized what happened the next morning they called the police.

“They were in our house within 10 minutes of us calling them and they had a crime scene there,” Jennifer said.

The Hyatts told 8 News Now earlier in the day, children were ringing their doorbell. It’s something security professional Jonathan Alvarez said was likely setup.

“Bad guys will also do surveillance to watch when people leave, they will knock on a door several times to see if anybody answers it,” Alvarez, CEO of Protective Force International said.

Alvarez suggests doing a thorough check for any openings into your house, by putting yourself in the burglar’s shoes.

“Ok this window can I open it from the outside,” Alvarez said. “Think like a criminal when securing your home.”

He also suggests always making it look like someone is home by installing timers on lights.

As for the Hyatts, this incident has left them feeling like they have lost their sense of security.

“They could have literally knocked on our door and we would have gladly helped them they didn’t need to steal,” Jennifer said.

Henderson police have not made an arrest and said they have closed the case until they get any leads.

The Hyatts however are offering $5,000 to anyone who comes forward with information on who that burglar is.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 or visit Crime
Stoppers website to remain anonymous.