LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Members of a Henderson community are expressing concerns that they may have to pay thousands of dollars to their homeowner’s association.

As David Hartson walked through the grass, tree, and plants lining his Sun City Anthem neighborhood he shared his worries.

Sun City Anthem (Credit: KLAS)

“There’s a lot of people here that are retired, and they are on fixed incomes,” Hartson said. “And don’t have that $11,000.”

Hartson said the Villa Duplexes were notified that they could each have to pay about $11,000 to the Sun City Anthem HOA to rip out the community’s natural landscape and replace it with something drought friendly. 

HOA representatives said this change is in response to NV Assembly Bill 356, signed into law in 2021. It requires the removal of any decorative grass not part of a single-family property by the end of 2026. 

Sun City Anthem Homeowner’s Association sent the following statement regarding potential charges to homeowners: 

This issue has been discussed with the Villa homeowners ever since AB356 was first being considered by the state legislature

Nothing has been decided. The financial numbers given to the 162 Villa owners in previous meetings were used to illustrate the magnitude of the project costs and that a special reserve assesment would be based on bids received from contractors and the availability of turf removal rebates from the City of Henderson and the Southern Nevada Water Authority. We don’t know what the actual numbers are going to be because therre are too many unknown, too many variables.

Meanwhile, inflation continures to increase costs, there are supply chain issues, and finding contractors to do the work while there are competing projects in the valley, concerns the HOA greatly.

 – Doug Bradford, Sun City Anthem Communications Director. 

“I guess I have a problem with this,” Hartson explained. “Because I don’t understand why.”

Hartson says that he believes the HOA’s plan goes a little too far, and he wants to make sure those who live in the community have their voices heard.

“I just hope a decision is made to be logical,” said Hartson.

A Sun City Anthem HOA meeting is set for Villa residents on Thursday, July 14 at 1:30 p.m at the Delaware Room of the Anthem Center.