HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — Henderson city leaders have been bombarded with calls opposing the new AHL arena location.

On Thursday, city officials announced that the new team would play at the Henderson Pavilion near Green Valley Ranch.

“There was a video that was produced that showed the helmet crushing the pavilion,” said Senator Keith Pickard. “This was literally going in their backyard, and they knew nothing about it, and yet it appears to be pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point.” 

The problem? The people who live in the area weren’t given any notice.

“My concern is traffic. The traffic is terrible on Green Valley Parkway. It’s terrible,” said Betty Stone. 

Residents spoke out about the new arena at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

“They were all touting… It was a big win for Henderson. None of us even knew about it! The residents. The taxpayers. We are going to pay this bill,” said Jessica Laughlin.

The arena would seat 6,000 people at the Henderson pavilion.

“My guess is they had the city council under an NDA right up until the announcement,” said Pickard. 

City officials told 8 News Now that they are still in the very early conceptual stages of the project, so it’s too soon to discuss the issue on camera.